CloseUp C/O Berlin – 60th Berlinale

Here is a series that I developed for the project “CloseUp” around the 60th Berlinale film-festival, that took place in the German capital. This was part of a project by the C/O Berlin – International Forum for Visual Dialogues, where 18 young photographers where given press accredetations and followed the event, mainly at the red carpet.

Rather than delivering standard journalistic shots, each photographer was to follow his own project, consisting of 9 photographs that were printed on A4 paper, handpasted on Brystol cardboard for a final exhibition. A short description for each series was given for the highly ranked jury and three photographers were named winners.

My project was entitled “How far does it reach ?” I searched for places inside the Berlinale Palace (Cinema for Premiers), where a break between the Red Carpet and the backstage scenery was visible. It’s about the question, how far the red carpet and what we associate with it reaches.

I submitted the following explanation to the jury:

Translated from German: “What is meant by it in the question “How far does it reach ?” is up to the viewer, since, more than just an element in space, the Red Carpet is a symbol for glamour, showbusiness, entertainment, production and consumption. In my photographies behind the stage there is not a trace of glamour, though the Carpet is there.

My work was awarded the third prize of the contest.
The CloseUp exhibtion was open until march 19th 2010.
Here is the report (german) by C/O Berlin. Images from the celebration are on the left.

Click to see the full image

Feel also free to comment on the results.


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